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Tulsa Pipe Trades Training School Mission

It is the mission of the Tulsa Pipe Trades Training School to meet the education needs of plumbers, pipe fitters, welders, and refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics. This is achieved through careful instruction by qualified instructors who are committed to the journeymen members needed to upgrade their skills as the industry demands.

Why Choose Tulsa Pipe Trades Training School?

Through training excellence and maintaining strict education standards, we contribute to a strong Tulsa community and economy. We are proud of the role we play in providing good jobs and a secure future for our students.

We train students who are dedicated to ensuring that potentially dangerous plumbing and piping systems and materials function properly and are safe for applications within homes, schools, and industrial and commercial office buildings.

The intensive 5-year apprenticeship program provides opportunities for non-college bound youth to have challenging and well-paying careers with a secure future in today’s economy. 

A Brief Overview of Our Training & Class Schedule

Click here to see a basic overview of classes that Tulsa Pipe Trades Training School offers within the apprenticeship training program.

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