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Tulsa Pipe Trades Training School - Applying for Training

Application forms are available for pickup Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Tulsa Pipe Trades School located at 8602 E. 46th Street in Tulsa, OK 74145. To get directions and to view the location on a map, click here.

Click here to view a list of documents that must be turned in with your application.

How Applicants are Selected

The apprenticeship program is a 5-year program for plumbers, pipe fitters, welders, and HVAC / REF.

Apprentices are selected from applicants using a selection procedure by the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee. Applicants are rated and ranked from interview sessions. A specific number of apprentices determined by the JATC before interviews will be selected from top ranked applicants. Those applications not selected are placed on a list of eligibles for a period of 2 years, to be accessed if a need for more apprentices occurs.

The apprentices work for an employing signatory contractor during the day and attend 3 hour apprentice training classes 2 nights a week for 36 weeks. Each school term (September through May) consists of a minimum of 216 class hours. The first period (starting) apprentice wage rate is $13.97 an hour, which is 52% of the current journeyman wage rate.

There are (10) six month periods of apprenticeship. Apprentices are evaluated at the end of each (6) month period of apprenticeship and are advanced providing their job performance, class attendance, grades, monthly work cards and text book payments meet all requirements of the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee.

The apprentice wage rate increases a specified percentage with each period of advancement of apprenticeship.

Medical insurance is funded by employer contributions for hours worked eligibility requirements are established by the Trust and it takes approximately 400 hours in (2) two consecutive quarters to become eligible.

Pension Benefits and Annuity Funds are funded by employer contributions for hours worked and are proportional to the apprentice’s period of apprenticeship.

Direct Entry is possible for those who graduate from an accredited Technical Training School that has been reviewed and approved by the International Pipe Trades - Joint Training Committee (IPT - JTC).

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